Methods of using carpet design

1. In the past, carpet designs were mostly used as traditional carpet design, which we named in the contents of the carpet design download package called the carpet plaster design.
And in the old carpet workshops, these designs were read with poetry, and weavers also used carpet weaving to call this person a design reader.
This model of carpet drawings was first designed by hand on a light table, and then applied to a chessboard paper, which was labeled as paper and printed with numbers, such as 160, divided by four. It could have been 40, so this paper is intended for a design with a count of 40.
On the paper itself, there were small houses that had the role of each carpet knot or every pixel of the design on the computer, and these small houses were marked as 10 by a thicker line along the width and width of the carpet.
After applying the carpet design to Alijah paper with a light table, it was initially marked with a black border on the lines drawn in each house, which was done by the carpet designer, and then the lines in each house were dotted as pixels on the computer. After this, the carpet design was punctuated with a brush and gouache painted by the painter, and the tea in the carpet would be drawn on wooden sheets and provided to the design reader to read the design. And the weaver started to weave the carpet with the same rhythmic poem. they did.
We have put this model of design for you in the download pack as it is still used by a lot of weavers and carpet manufacturers.
2- After the introduction of the computer into the field of production and industry and the emergence of powerful graphics software such as Photoshop as well as carpet design and designing software, this type of technology was also introduced to the carpet and carpet designs were computer-aided with the help of carpet design software. Photoshop designs and colors and dots are all done in the same way as traditional but computerized designs, but computerized design designs can be quickly editable and resized after a few clicks, but traditional Hass designs Not capable.
3. Today, with the advent of science and technology, a new generation of sound design reader software has also been introduced where computer design files designed in these software are imported and the audio software on the cell phone or hardware to read the design. Computer-made carpets read the carpet design for the weaver, and the weaver can adapt the carpet design without having to spend time on the paper design without having to spend more time reading and reading the design.


Our goal is to introduce you to the types of carpet designs and the importance of computerized carpet designs in carpet products in the age in which we live.

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