Steps to Upload Your Carpet Design to the Pattern Store for Sale and Marketing:

The website marketing team utilizes digital marketing knowledge and continuous support in handmade carpet design marketing to introduce and sell your carpet design in the short term before it is sold by the individual. To follow and name him. Currently, more than 50 designers in the country are using these features to design a carpet design and this is a win-win process.
The carpet design that you have designed or owns should have several features, including:
The file to be submitted is BMP and its color palette is arranged at the bottom of the carpet design as a color spectrum and the design files must have a specified name or code.
If there are more than one file, be sure to send it as a .zip file to make it faster.
Carefully check the designs that are available in the design Store to avoid sending a duplicate design file because sending it to your account is not considered.
After submitting the designs, they will be confirmed by the same email you sent to us, so be careful in sending us the email and selecting the email you correspond to.
After 48 to 72 hours the designs will be approved with their code and name.
A personal control panel will then be opened to let you know about the process of selling your designs.
And after the sale, the money will be deposited into the same account as the one you sent to the personal control panel.
Terms of participation in the sale of carpet drawings are also notified to you via email or via the same control panel.
To get started just fill out the form below and send us the zip file of the designs you are looking for.

Send order and convert your photos to carpet Pattern

If you are planning to design a special carpet plan, you can do this right now before reading carefully so that your work is not delayed.
1-The file must be of good resolution and quality. The quality of the dpi350 is of good quality.
2- The size and approximate number of colors of the designed carpet design should be reported to us otherwise this will be done with the advice of our design experts.
3. Then your design will be uploaded through the form below and sent to us and then you will be notified about 48 -72 hours design cost of the carpet design.
4- If you do the initial steps and pay for the design of your carpet design, your project will start and will be sent to you in a designed design file for up to one month.
So you need to complete the form below and send us the design with the features mentioned.

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