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After reviewing the carpet design store section and selecting the desired plan and design and performing the settlement process you will have a downloadable package of carpet design purchased which is the parent (original) design of the carpet design.
With the help of rug design software and software that gives you different outputs of the design, you can extract the other 6 files you need from the rug design output.
If you do not have access to carpet design software and if you need any of these files we will send them to you for free.
To do this, just email us your purchase receipt and email us the 6 design attachments.
These output files may vary depending on your needs, but I’ll explain them here.

Read in detail about these 6 files now:

1 – The original carpet design file, which is saved with the BMP extension, is in fact the motherboard of the carpet map from which all other map file outputs have been extracted.
With this file you can make any changes to the Carpet pattern by using the Rugs Designer and Photoshop Designer such as: Change colors – Add company name or signature and logo to Carpet pattern and resize Carpet pattern.
2- Plaid map file with PDF extension that contains all chassis pattern pages which are printed by default in A2 size and you can print these pages in any size and at the carpet weaver or production unit. Place the carpet.
Of course, we’ve printed all the pattern pages for you, but some carpet patterns have a quarter or half pattern to print the whole pattern and half or a quarter of the pattern will require you to produce the carpet. Do this for yourself, and do the same as weave is easier to weave and more effective in carpet production speed.
Lastly, you can convert these pages to jpg files with PDFZilla software, paste them together in Photoshop, and snap them together.
3-Carpet pattern color card with a small pattern image above it, and a table next to which carpet pattern features are included:
Carpet map color number.
The number of carpet profiles (a unit of measurement in a carpet that is common in Iran) is not very important, but this number can be obtained by:
Number of knot width * Number of knot length / 12000 knot = Number of rug
The number of knots that are present on the design of the carpet.
The number of nodes that are found along the carpet design.
The overall size of the carpet design in cm is not too much attention to matter because these dimensions depend on the density of your carpet knots, for example in a carpet that you knit 50 cm in each 7 cm is less width than the carpet in each You make 7cm 35 knots, but you need to get the dimensions of your carpet and control it depending on the density of the knot. This is called carpet count, where you also learned the definition of carpet count.
The last item in this table is the same carpet count as mentioned above which if I want to define based on its general definition in Iran, I say carpet number means the number of carpet nodes per 7 cm.
Finally, at the bottom there are some color samples with numbers, each number corresponding to the color of each node on the carpet design.
4- Carpet Map Yarn Card which is very similar to Carpet Map Color Card, except it contains three columns in front of the color number which I will explain below:
The first column is the number of knots or pixels drawn on the design of the carpet, meaning the number of knots that you will knit on the whole carpet based on the design.
The second column is the weight of yarn used for each color in the carpet. Consider that if your yarn is thinner or thicker than the one we have defined by default for software (20 double-threaded yarn) your weight will definitely change that you don’t have to worry about. Calculate the weight of each thread with each thickness based on the number of knots used in the rug design.
The third column is written around the wheel, which is the wheel diameter, which is the diameter of the thread that is threaded, which we assume is 1000 cm by 1 meter by default.
Note that the carpet design software we have used has provided us with these outputs and you should not be fooled into the explanations we have given you here and this information is for your information only. .
The important point to calculate the amount of weight consumed per carpet is the same number of knots per color (first column). But if you have carpet design software you can get your own calculations based on the chosen assumptions. I don’t think you need to do this with the amount of information we provide in the download design of the carpet design.
5- The coded design file or the popular numerical and computer designs stored with the PDF extension that contain the same table and picture as the carpet design specifications. The numerical design of the rugs is explained.
This file is saved as A4 sheets, but you can print it to any size and weave.

Here are some of the benefits of this design model below:

Any beginner weaver can make artistic carpet textures in high colors without having to master the art of carpet weaving.
The weaver has only a few numbers in front of the weft until the end of the weave and is not able to see the woven image on the carpet design, and this prevents any weaving or carelessness in the weaving by the weaver. English has been printed and if you need a Persian print version you can write us your request after the purchase so that the Persian version will be emailed to you free of charge.
6. And the last is an image of a carpet layout purchased with a jpg file that you can use to advertise your carpet or carpet design in cyberspace and the internet if this file is available to anyone except a snapshot of the photo and The visual aspect has no other application.

Click here to download another sample model designed

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    If you do not have access to carpet design software and if you need any of these files we will send them to you for free.

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