What is a Designed Carpet Pattern File?

The indexed file or the designed carpet file, which is usually stored with the BMP extension, is the main output of the carpet design and can be said to be the handmade carpet design motherboard.
In fact, when you take a picture of a carpet or download an image from a webcast you download an RGB file of up to 256 colors.
When you zoom in and out in Photoshop or any other application, you notice that you have downloaded a photo with high color variability and crisp, regular colors that some parts of the image detail are inaccurate.
In fact, these are the same photos available on the Internet, and you can find many similar images on different sites in different sizes and qualities on any site.
Example of unedited photo of carpet design:

The BMP carpet file is actually an output file of the same photo model, except that the colors are limited so that the carpet weavers and textile machines in the carpet factories can match these designs with a finer number of colors.
But the color limitations on the carpet design are meticulously precise and time consuming as each pixel of the carb photograph, with each pixel in a file being exactly a node in the carpet that will be woven.
This editing and color limitation have been so carefully crafted that the converted photo to the carpet design is slightly different from the previous one. All of these skills should be done with a general understanding of carpet texture and dyeing of raw materials.
Because if the carpet design designer does not have a proper understanding of carpet texture and carpet fiber dyeing and understanding of carpet raw materials and even carpet production experience, he or she may not make the exact choice in choosing the colors and color matching on the original carpet design.
The design time of a design varies depending on the size and number of colors, but on average a carpet design will take about a month to design flawlessly and with the highest quality required.
Now that you have realized the value of handmade carpet files and have realized how much time and precision they have produced, I hope you are careful to maintain and use them.
An example of a drawing design and index of the same image:



You can see the difference between these two files by storing both photos and zooms in Photoshop.

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